Thursday, March 25, 2010

who i have become.. && i dont like it

Pictures are worth a thousand words.
This is who I have become
I am ashamed of the me
that I've been for three years
three years of kicking and screaming
thinking inside of the box
not wearing what I want to wear
listening to the authority
it's been very frustration
when it seemed like i was on the verge
of abstract
i was told
to turn around
and go back
deep down inside
i just wanna be the crazy cool kid
i knew i could be
but every time i would put on that
"spank me" sweater
I felt a tug at my back
and knew i had to change
you can rebel but be respectful
but what if you try
but still get turned down
i love you to death
but I'm me
holding me down
having this image
of a girl dressed
in a plain tee
and some jeans
aint me
let me be
raunchy but
i'm classy
i can dress trashy
but my intellect,
wisdom, and beauty
say more than my clothing
clothing are just clothes
but i wear my clothes
to express myself
just like my hair
took me a while
to realize
what ive become
and now that i see the truth
ill change for my love & happiness

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