Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do your Research! No, seriously.

Yesterday in my Human Reproductive Biology class my professor told us about a documentary about the birthing process. She gave us a quick summary of a few of the main points of the documentary. While she's talking, I'm thinking oh, might just be one of those boring science facts filled documentaries. Then she showed us the trailer, and I took quick to writing the name of the of the documentary down. Listen women and men who are reading, if you (women) plan on having children or are pregnant do your research about the birthing process. What you see on tv shows and what's in the hospital is not natural and actually not clean or good for the mother and baby. UGH. I just got such a high from watching it and now I know I wanna do more research on a midwife for me. FYI: I am not pregnant and I will not be pregnant any time soon. It's just something to really do research on.

Title of documentary: The Business of Being Born

p.s. it's pretty graphic not anything mature people havent seen before but I'm just forwarning

i love you.

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