Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Journey Begins today

from listening to Shinedown, Eminem's "Beautiful",
    Simple Plan, and much more
from being so inspired by many blogs
    (recently, but not so recently femilives.blogspot.com)
from being tired of not being heard
from hearing "You give good advice"
from being annoyed with the littlest things
from seeing beauty in the most hideous things
from being such a romantic
from loving without conditions
from longing to be understood
from longing to understand myself
from sitting alone in the cafeteria observing
from being in college
from losing a friend
- rest in peace
from being the only child
I intend to go on a journey
I've packed everything up
the luggage is in my heart
I believe I'm ready for
what ever I cross paths with
I must admit, I am nervous
but it's not the back down kind of nervous
its the kind of nervous that also includes curosity
I'm looking for something and when I find it
I'll be sure not to be upset

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